Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Next Iron Chef America (Episode 5)

Wouldn't it suck to be friends with Andrew Knowlton? How could you ever hang out with this guy? How could you ever just go out and enjoy a meal? I'm not a subscriber to Bon Appetit (I prefer Food & Wine) and I've never read Lingua Franca, but judging from his comments on The Next Iron Chef America, Knowlton seems to be one of the most persnickety, pissy, slightly sadistic little bitches on TV.

I especially like someone who has taken a "culinary class here and there" and "worked in a few restaurants in NYC" asking Donatella Arpaia, a woman with successful restaurants of her own, if she even knows what she's talking about.

Makes me want to tie him down, mess with that frou-frou hair, and shove a Slinger down his throat.

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Kristofer said...

Hey eater,
Is it just me, or were all three of the judges bigger pains-in-the-ass then was necessary or helpful?
Yes, mr. frou-frou hair was the WORST by fifty miles, but they all got on my nerves. Now, in the finally, with the Iron Chefs judging there were comments that were actually helpful - and intelligent, informed questions as well!! Kat Cora and Morimoto ROCK HARD!! The best part... Iron Chef Michael Symon!!!!
I for one can't wait for the new season.

Say eater, have you ever had or made Tuscan "Drunken Pasta"? If so, would you share impressions, methods, etc.

Still love your style!