Monday, October 8, 2007

NEWS - St. Louis Magazine Restaurant Issue

Beyond the RFT and Sauce, I'm not normally a fan of local publications. They seem like excuses for rich people in St. Louis to pretend they're just as fancy as rich people in other cities and take pictures of themselves wearing all those sparkly clothes. I'm not a class warrior, but that's my reason and I'm sticking to it.

A recent exception was the latest issue of St. Louis Magazine, named The Restaurant Issue. After I skimmed past the "society pages" (if that's what you can call them in this town), I got to check out the Almost Perfect Best New Restaurants (clever title), osmosize How To Be a Critic (to be helpful, especially for the Anonymous commenter who simply wrote "give it a rest"), and read an article about super-smart restaurateur Larry Levy.

Bonus points for Matthew Halverson, whose article "Hot Plates" admits that while there may be a Latin cuisine boom in St. Louis, it's really nothing new for the rest of the country.

This issue makes me feel all tingly inside.

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